Day by Day,  a visual diary, helps to define my perceptual growth over a year’s time (each day recorded in mixed media on 365 - 4” x 6” paper sections). This generative project grew from a pact made at the end of 2002 between another artist-Becky Frehse, and me. We each devoted 15 minutes of every day to make art. This was my version of the pact.
  Bound and Determined    Newspapers found in bookstores and libraries have always fascinated me, as daily newspapers are often suspended on wooden dowels in such settings.  This suspension transforms a newspaper into a book or manuscript.
  Lend a Hand  is an interactive installation that has been incorporated into numerous exhibitions, including Seattle Pacific University and the Northwest BookFest.  Participants were invited to "leave their mark" through handwriting and image-making.
  The Alphabet  was created in 1999 as a component of language based works.  As an artist and writer, I have embraced connections between language, human life and the animate landscape for many years.  "The Alphabet" made its public debut at the 2000 Northwest BookFest in Seattle, and has since appeared in other installations at the Everett Center for the Arts and Atelier 31 Gallery.  "The Alphabet" is now privately owned.  "The Alphabet" features twenty-six one foot square oil-on-wood panels that depict my interpretations of the perceptual origins of our alphabet.  Rich in earth tones and surface texture, the panels are painted in ways that echo early human efforts at writing; thus, many of the marks are incised.  However, this "Alphabet" is not an imitation of any font style or graphic mark; rather each letter playfully expresses organic origins of our language.  Every letter is, in fact, an individual painting in its own right.
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