Artist Statement

My work combines abstraction and symbolism through highly colorful pieces that embody elements of nature, science and spirit. I use a variety of materials in creating the work; these materials include acrylic, charcoal, pastel, graphite, ink, markers, stain, acetate overlays, oil bar and collage. Normally I work on unprimed wood birch and maple panels and paper surfaces.  

I desire to create work that makes a positive impact on people in energizing and generative ways. My methods of working are direct and immediate as I incorporate the layering of imagery and glowing, colorful organic forms. This approach has led me to work where the natural pattern of wood grain panels is incorporated into compositions that include a vocabulary of arcs, circles, painted rhythmic forms, and staccato-like dots, marks and dashes. Ultimately, I visualize natural, metaphysical and cultural forces through an intuitive iconography of gesture and image.


Brief Biography

Cheryl H. Hahn is a Pacific Northwest artist living in Central Washington who creates abstract mixed media works typified by intense color and texture. Her visual vocabulary ranges from paintings concerning language and communication to works that embody elements of nature.

In addition to making paintings and drawings Hahn has been involved with installations, sculpture, and interactive projects that reference her art. She also has extensive experience as a writer, curator, lecturer and teacher, having worked in the museum field for many years. The artist holds an MFA degree from Southern Illinois University and completed post-graduate work at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D. C.. Hahn has participated in exhibitions in the Northwest and also throughout the United States including California, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Virginia, and in Senzhen, China.